April 4: Introduction
Inside Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Unmakeable” Interactive Book
–> Recommended: lecture by Jessica Pressman on Tree of Codes (SH 2635, 3:00pm)

April 11: Bookishness
Steven Hall, The Raw Shark Texts
Jessica Pressman, “The Aesthetic of Bookishness in Twenty-First Century Literature,” Michigan Quarterly Review 48:4 (2009)
Julia Panko, “‘Memory Pressed Flat Into Text’: The Importance of Print in Steven Hall’s The Raw Shark Texts,” Contemporary Literature (Summer 2011)

April 18: Artists’ Books
Steve Tomasula, VAS: An Opera in Flatland
N. Katherine Hayles, Writing Machines (chapters 1, 2, 5)
Johanna Drucker, Figuring the Word: Essays on Books, Writing, and Visual Poetics (pp. 166-210)

April 25: New approaches to page space
Mark Z. Danielewski, Only Revolutions
Jason Shiga, Meanwhile (on reserve in Davidson library)
John Cayley, translation

May 2: Bookwork
Garrett Stewart, “Bookwork as Demediation,” Critical Inquiry 36 (Spring 2010)
Stewart, Bookwork: Medium to Object to Concept to Art (pp. xiii-53)
–> Choose one example of bookwork (from Stewart or your own research) and come prepared to discuss it with the class. This artifact might be the basis for your research report but there does not need to be a connection between the two.

May 9: What are books?
Alan Liu, “The End of the End of the Book: Dead Books, Lively Margins, and Social Computing,” Michigan Quarterly Review 48 (2009)
Liu, “This is Not a Book: Long Forms of Shared Attention in the Digital Age” (video)
The Agrippa Files
(Transcriptions, UCSB)
Leah Price, “Reading As If For Life,” Michigan Quarterly Review 48:4 (2009)
Lisa Gitelman, “Print Culture (Other than Codex)” and “What are Books?
Bonnie Mak, How the Page Matters (introduction and chapter 1)
Alberto Manguel, “A Brief History of the Page,” A Reader on Reading (pp. 120-127)
Cluster: “Notes, Lists, and Everyday Inscriptions,” MediaCommons
–> Recommended: Elizabeth L. Eisenstein, The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe (pp. 42-91) and Adrian Johns, The Nature of the Book: Print and Knowledge in the Making (pp. 1-40)

May 15: Page to screen [note new date and time, Tuesday, 5:00pm]
Johanna Drucker, “The Virtual Codex from Page Space to E-space,” A Companion to Digital Literary Studies (pp. 216-32)
Joseph J. Esposito, “The Processed Book,” First Monday 8:3 (2003)
Robert Moor, “Bones of the Book,” n+1 (February 2012)
Craig Mod, “Books in the Age of the iPad
Caitlin Fisher, Andromeda (video documentation)
–> iPhone and iPad apps: Jason Edward Lewis and Bruno Nadeau, “What They Speak,” Poems for Excitable Mobile Media (P.o.E.M.M.) | Erik Loyer, “Strange Rain” | Between Page and Screen

May 23: Attention and distraction
Cathy Davidson, Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn (pp. 1-58)
N. Katherine Hayles, “Hyper and Deep Attention” (Profession; 2007) and excerpts from How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis (selections TBD)
William Bogard, “Distraction and Digital Culture,” Critical Digital Studies (pp. 417-436)
Jonathan Crary, Suspensions of Perception: Attention, Spectacle, and Modern Culture (pp. 11-51, 77-78)
–> Recommended: Talan Memmott, Lexia to Perplexia | Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, “Rain on the Sea” | David Clark, 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be played with the Left Hand)

May 30: How we read now
I Read Where I Am
(Amsterdam: Graphic Design Museum, 2011)
N. Katherine Hayles, How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis (selections TBD)
Browse: SMS installations: CitySpeak and TXTual Healing | CAVE projects, e.g. Screen | Transliteracies research reports: “Cave Writing and the CAVE Simulator”; “The Legible City”; “Moving Canvas
–> Compose your own 200-500 word reflection on present or future forms of reading and post it to our course website.

June 6: Networked books
Gary Hall, Culture Machine Liquid Books | “Fluid Notes on Liquid Books
Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy (pp. 1-14, 89-120)
Scan: Daniel and Loyer, Public Secrets | Goldberg, Hristova, and Loyer, Blue Velvet | McKenzie Wark, GAM3R 7H30RY | Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art) |
–> Choose an example of experimental publishing and come prepared to discuss it with the class.

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