Research initiatives
Back to the Book (University of Utrecht)
Unbound: Speculations on the Future of the Book (MIT)
ArchBook (INKE)

Artists’ books/books as art objects
Ark Codex ±0
The Center for Book Arts
Dutch bookbinding

The LetError book
Malcolm Garrett, Out of Print: Bookbinding & Letterpress
Bruno Munari, prelibri
Gogelmogel, Blah Blah Blah book
Maria Fischer, Traumgedanken” (“Thoughts on dreams”)
Davis Schneiderman, Busted Books, or How I Learned to Stop Authoring and Loving the Book
Galerie de Difformité
aMAZEme (London 2012)
10 Buildings Made Out of Books
10 Crazy and Unusual Book Designs

discourse on the end of books
Matt Richtel and Claire Cain Miller, “Of Two Minds About Books
Leah Price, “Reading As If For Life,” Michigan Quarterly Review 48:4 (2009)
Curtis White, “The Late Word
Malcolm Gladwell, “The Social Life of Paper,” The New Yorker (March 25, 2002)
Christian Vandendorpe, “Reading on Screen: The New Media Sphere,” A Companion to Digital Literary Studies
Michael Agresta, “What Will Become of the Paper Book?” (Slate; May 2012)

ereaders & digitization

Is your e-book reading up on you? (NPR)
Paul Duguid, “Inheritance or Loss: A Brief Survey of Google Books,” First Monday 12:8 (August 2007)
Jeffrey R. Di Leo, “The Cult of the Book – and Why it Must End” (Chronicle of Higher Education; September 2010)

futures of the book
Possible ou probable?
Little Printer

IDEO, The Future of the Book (video)

experimental publishing (from week 10)
Active Archives
Triple Canopy
The Naked Anthropologist
Criterion Collection
Debates in the Digital Humanities

misc related reading
Mark Z. Danielewski, Only Revolutions Journals (2002-2004)
Readers & Bookshelves on Pinterest


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