Class presentation & participation – 25%

Each member of the seminar will be responsible for a presentation based on a set of discussion questions (limited to one page if presented in print format) during one of our sessions. The text of these questions will be due to me at least 24 hours before the scheduled presentation, and the questions will be either distributed or projected during class.

Research report – 25%

One of the assignments for this course will be to produce a research report on an artifact, broadly conceived, that instantiates some of the primary themes and questions that we will be considering throughout the term. The standard format of these reports will follow the guidelines adopted by the Transliteracies research project. (We will be looking at some of the Transliteracies research reports on “new reading interfaces” in Week 7.) These reports should be online and linked to our course website.

Final paper/project – 50%

Option 1: Standard seminar paper (15 pp.)

Option 2: Seminar paper (10 pp.) with significant production component (one possible model: Vectors: Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular)

–> Seminar papers should engage the texts and issues covered in the course. External research is welcome and even encouraged, but the link between your chosen topic and the syllabus should be clear.


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